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Several years ago I wrote ‘my mantras’ – then a few years later I modified them.  One thing about life is that it is always changing:  I often think the problem is that we don’t.

One thing I kept at the forefront of everything, is that I resolved, to be a better man.  Actually defining the better man is a work in progress, just as defining what better really is.

I also resolved to write about my experiences – hence this blog.

Just lately, I have found that my mantras were all about things I was supposed to be doing to change the way I approached the world around me.  Maybe, just maybe, being a better man is more about the just ‘being’ – and that changing is really about changing things that involve not doing but about that ‘being’…. like:

Being Grateful
Being Peaceful
Being Forgiving
Being Accepting
Being Non-Judgemental
Being Here, now


Having some Belief.

My home page gets shorter, less words, simpler.  Perhaps if I try harder, or less, I will be a better man by just allowing myself to be, less, simpler.  One way to find out….

My old home pages can still be read at Old Home Page #2 and Old Home Page #1