Why Can’t Everyday Be Anzac Day

I wrote the following ode to ANZAC Day on 25/4/2012 because I was disappointed that I had not gone to the dawn service which I had attended for many years.  I was home watching the ANZAC Day Service from Gallipoli when I suddenly thought why do we celebrate the values of our ANZACs from almost 100 years ago, yet appear not to be able to live them on a day to day basis.  So I thought, why can’t every day be ANZAC Day and what would it mean.

Why can’t every day be ANZAC Day

Bravery would be commonplace
Loyalty would be volunteered
We would fight for those
who could not fight for themselves

We would love our country

We are just glad to be alive – today

You carry everything we own
We write each other letters
Good fun, is just good fun
Our leaders lead
and we follow

Coming home is the most important thing
We volunteer
Sacrifice is given gladly
Life is short, often horrific
but we face it with our mates
and we all stand fast

Heroes; really are heroes
We don’t do things to be remembered
Medals are earned
often with our lives

And probably most of all
every sunrise, and
every sunset
We would remember those that have fallen
every day
We would live our lives to honour the values
That we have fought and died for

 I wish everyday was ANZAC Day

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