In 2011 I was in a pretty bad place.  I was lucky and found somebody who I’ll call Dr Kate.

I spent a lot of time talking to Dr Kate and found that perhaps an answer to my life was that I was not actually living it.  Oh, I was going through the motions but basically my life was all about driving to the shops and not remembering the journey, surviving from day to day waiting for ‘that thing’ to happen in my life that was going to make me happy; I was on autopilot missing most of my life that was happening around me.

Thats when I was led in the right direction by Dr Kate who introduced me to Mindfulness.  It was introduced to me as ‘Mindfulness based cognitive therapy” (MBCT).

It was also the start of a learning curve that comes down to an old adage about riding a Harley….

“If you are trying to explain to someone what it is like to ride a Harley and they have never ridden one, then no explanation is possible, but, if they have ridden a Harley then no explanation is necessary.”

This is what Mindfulness was to me; I could never quite get it even with Dr Kate’s great expertise, explanations and patience.  Then without me ever really knowing that I got it, I did, then no further explanation was necessary it was just about me, being with me, now.

I don’t profess to have answers in regards to how, when or what Mindfulness will do in any  life, even mine (there is every possibility I got it all wrong!).  I just thought I would write down what my experiences were, how I saw it and how I now try to live it.

Welcome to NOW…..

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