Mindfulness – Non Judging

Non-judging is taking the role of an impartial observer.  This is often hard as things are happening to us, sometimes it is hard to just watch.

But, nevertheless they are still happening and it is the act of noticing that is just as important – perhaps the essence of mindfulness.

It goes hand in had with all aspects of mindfulness, but I think particularly with Acceptance.  It is like my page on fear is not real, just as feelings are not real things.

I think my best practices have been in dealing with regret.  If there could ever be a feeling that is not real it is regret.  But, of all the feelings that sneak up on us, I think that regret is the silent killer.  It can turn the sunniest day into a black hole.

Judging is often on ourselves, hence regret, but imagine those feelings, those thoughts from the past being there but not hurting you, not causing the effect because you take no action.  The feelings and thought are not positive or negative, they just are, and I am looking at them.

They are the loaded gun on the desk.  Just look at it.  You need not fear what is has done, because that is already done and not happening now.  You need not fear what it will do as that is not happening and may never happen.

It is just there.  Let is be.

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