Mindfulness – Trust

If one of the reasons you are reading my blog and these pages is because trust is not one of the big things you have in yourself, then you have to read My Religion again.

If it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t.

But, then again if you are living your values, and it feels right with them, then you may find that trust is there, but like so much, you haven’t noticed.

I think trust is a little like how you generally feel about a whole lot of things about yourself.  My wife has the greatest ability to see the silver lining, she doesn’t judge and happiness from within is her guide (see My Happiness).

I suppose this trust is also connected to knowing what your values are in your life.  Not necessarily the ones that you are displaying on a day to day basis but the ones that are in your heart.  I was once told a story about values.  The values in our lives are like the boulders in a river.  they are the constants.  Even through raging floods these boulders never move.  Oh yeah, there are smaller rocks, and a lot of pebbles that get washed all over the place – these can be your beliefs.  But, the boulders, your values, never change.

I said you values may not be the things you display on a day to day basis, because if we are living on auto pilot we are often not living our values and choose to ignore the way it makes us feel.  In addition to the way this makes us feel it is a sure fire way to learn (yes, learn) to stop trusting yourself.

Get that trust back.  Live your values.  Remember Being a Man sometimes is about standing for those values, and perhaps standing alone in doing that.

Trust sometimes just knowing that what you are doing is right.


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