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6/1/2014 – 6/1/2015

Several years ago I was going through another change in my life and I wrote the following:

This is about me achieving those things.


When I wrote the above it was just a ‘vision’ of mine to be that Better Man.  I pretty quickly found out that just setting yourself a whole heap of rules was not going to do it.

I realised I needed more tools, not more rules.

I also needed a bit of a mantra to my life.  I didn’t really come up with the following, it sort of evolved into my daily mantra, where I got to the point that it is written in the front of my work diary, my journal and as a little plaque on my desk.  One thing about tools is that if they are not nearby and ready to use then they are not really of any use. (click here to see my Blog entry about this)  Each day my mantra is:

I suppose the last one is more a tool that was lent to me by my wife.  She is able to see the moments of Joy in all aspect of our life.  Have a look at her blog at:


So, I suppose here it is…. me, now, often thinking about before or planning for later, but always (well mostly) attempting to be that better man.

All Comments are appreciated. All comments are read and answered by me, a real person!!!