What is Being a Man?

I was thinking about what I would do to be a better man and realised I don’t think that anyone has ever told me what being a man even was let alone being better at it.  So, I sat down and though about what was important for me, as a man.  I suppose I came up with my list of values:

  • Being loyal (to the right people and the right causes)
  • Protecting and looking after those you love
  • Standing up for those who can’t stand up for themselves
  • Being courageous; even when everyone is against you and the odds are overwhelming
  • Standing next to someone being courageous, not because they are right, but because you are their friend
  • Giving people a fair go
  • Helping those less fortunate than yourself
  • Knowing when you are wrong
  • Making up for your wrongs

I’m not too sure that this is all there is to being a man and if you can be better at those things, but I do know that if you don’t die trying, you just die.

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