I wrote briefly in a very early post cryptically called ‘Mindfulness – Trust‘ about ‘Values and Beliefs’.

In lots of other posts I have or will talk about living your values.  The only problem with this is that most of us believe we have good values but if asked what they are would go into auto response mode to fit the circumstances and/or the people you are talking to.

I sat down a few years ago and wanted to sort mine out – I asked myself the question “What are my core values”.  I eventually got to the point where I got it down to one.

Since then I have looked around a lot to figure out what values actually are.  It would appear that there are a lot of words to describe values.  I suppose the words are the first part and then what they mean to you and how you live your life according to them.  Below is a link to my List of Values.  It is a list of ‘values’ words I have put together with a little do it yourself guide on the side to help you narrow down what values and ultimately what value(s) you think are yours.


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