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Several years ago I was going through another change in my life and I wrote a series of ‘mantras’ and daily ‘tools’ I would use to try and be a better man.

It has been two years since I started my blog and I have refined not only my mantras and tools but followed my own advice and kept it simple.   (Please Subscribe)Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 11.48.39

So, here is how I am going to go about trying, everyday, to be a better man:

  • Follow your heart
  • Use your head
  • Be peaceful
  • Be mindful
  • Keep it simple
  • Fix it
  • Let it go
  • Write about it
  • Be a better man

There is one more, some advice my wife gave me, it is about seeing the moments of joy in all aspect of my life.  Have a look at her blog at:


My old home page can still be read at Old Home Page #1

4 thoughts on “Old Home Home #2

  1. Sir, thank you for the kind comments regarding my “Toxic Bully Boss” article in Law Officer magazine. I am interested in the 801 group. Can you direct me to the Facebook page and/or any other sites that might be related. Thank You!

  2. behind every great man is a good partner. Enjoyable reading schleiny, You must have a good partner that is helping you balance your life. As we all have come from an era of being a larrikin I’m enjoying seeing where some of ex sapol members move onto. I have fallen back into regulatory compliance role out of necessity, however I left Sapol to get away from that negativity and conflict. Your blog seems to be about reflection and being at peace with one self. Cheers Rob Taylor

    • Thanks for the comment Rob – remember I am not a larrikin just a very naughty boy!

      I think similarly is regards to getting away from conflict and negativity.

      You are right about my wife – she is writes her own blog http://www.beatcancerwithjoy.com where she gets to point out to me all the little things in life that I usually miss.

      You are right about my blog (but i still get pissed off about a lot of stuff) it is about how I want to live from now on (I reckon it is never too late) by:

      – Being Peaceful
      – Being Mindful
      – Giving positive impressions
      – Looking for the harmony
      – Not making it too complicated
      – Looking for the moments of joy

      Thanks again for the comments and hope you keep reading and commenting.


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